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We stayed at The Clan Terrigal for 1 night on our way to a Sydney conference. We thought, the beach location (direct access) was handy so I...

How do you like your eggs?

A breakfast favorite. If I have to eat, I will never order anything else than a full serving of eggs benedict from any cafe I visit! Who doesn't love eggs?

These are poached eggs with some hollandaise sauce sprinkled with spring onions. I prefer to have smoked salmon with my eggs benedict but it can come with ham or vegetables instead.

I had a wonderful breakfast with my partner, his mom and his mom's friend in Artarmon. This one on the photo isn't very competitively priced - I remember we had to pay $17 for this. Note that the quality isn't very impressive as well. I think there was a bit more cheese than usual and the serving was quite small. However, I have had other better experiences in cafes in Sydney so watch out for my other posts about these lovely eggies.

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