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Good Bye Yellow Cab Lipa City

Shocked to see a cockroach suspended in ice. I took a video as I complained in the counter. The ice has already melted. The manager said they can only give us discount. Shocking service and shocking response. They said they can replace if there's an issue with the product so in this she meant transfer the ice. Yellow Cab Lipa City needs better quality control. I don't think I'll visit Yellow Cab Lipa in SM anymore.

New York's Finest Pizza, our order on the day of the Cockroach Confusion

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Yellow Cab Pizza said...

We sincerely apologize for what happened at our SM Lipa Branch. The Area Manager has already been informed about this and he would like to assure you that him and his SM Lipa team will take the necessary actions to prevent this from happening again.
We hope you can accept our apology for the inconvenience that was caused. You may email us at comments@yellowcabpizza.com if you would like to give us any more feedback.
Thank you.

Leah Villanueva said...

I have to point out the health risk here - contaminated drinks via contaminated ice.

Anyway, thanks for your message and following up on social media.

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