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We stayed at The Clan Terrigal for 1 night on our way to a Sydney conference. We thought, the beach location (direct access) was handy so I...

About Me

I'm a reluctant traveler but because of necessity, I travel several countries every year. I don't try to stay in the same place for more than 4 months. So I get to try many places - always looking for best value restaurants and cafes to work in.  Most of my best creative juices flow in inspiring surroundings, cafes as one of them.  I often have client meetings in cafes for a more relaxed atmosphere.  I tend to stay and dine in the same places with consistent quality although when I hear about good reviews, I would not dismiss the idea of trying a new place.

I evaluate a restaurant, place, accommodation, cafe, meal with the following considerations:

1.  Food Quality, Taste, Packaging
2.  Value for Money
3.  Premises, Amenities
4.  Customer Service

I would also indicate if I will come back to the place or if I recommend people to go. Consistency of service, quality and amenities matters to me so I would comment on whether the place is keeping up with the demands of the game.

Just recently, I have started cooking my own meals, incidentally to the delight of my partner and best friend. So in this blog, you will also see some of my food creations.

Read more about me here.

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