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We stayed at The Clan Terrigal for 1 night on our way to a Sydney conference. We thought, the beach location (direct access) was handy so I...

Cafe Ysabel, Lipa City

This is such an underutilized cafe. It's a pity. The place can be improved. The place attempts to be a cafe but it is not cosy at all. The furniture are wrong. The ceiling is too high. In short, the interior is all the over the place. You get confused if you are inside a lounge, a cafe, restaurant or going to watch a band or if you're in a canteen, or if you're in a hotel lobby due to the ultra large chandelier.

The waiters are trying their best to be attentive to the customers. That's much appreciated... then again, I don't know if they were very service oriented because we were the *only* customers.

The food and drinks seem very cheap though. I only had a coffee so I can't vouch for the taste of the meals.

Would I go back? Probably not... that ambience isn't just what I expect.

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