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Real Filipino Classic Foods

Pancit Bukid, mix of bihon and canton with egg on top

Kare Kareng Kambing

The noodles were great... just word of caution, it's rather fatty considering the meat. It's also always disappointing many Filipino cuisines do not have a lot of vegetables as part of the meal.

The Kare-kare kambing reminded me of earlier days when I used to see soldiers grouped around drinking beer with Kare kareng kambing in Mindoro. I used to live near a military camp. This dish seems to be a classic yet spruced up with cheese. The kambing (goat) meat was tender - but another caution: some parts of the meat are stretchy and indigestible yet most cooks still cook them. I recommend eating just the edible parts. This meat tastes like lamb "almost". However, I heard this meat is quite cheap. The kambing bones are quite brittle so they break quickly when cooked. Just be wary when you eat this as some sharp bones might get stuck between your teeth or you might hurt yourself.

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