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Surreal Bar, Restaurant Queenstown, New Zealand

This fire was just lovely! It single-handedly convinced us to have a cosy lunch in a very wintry weather in Queenstown, New Zealand. This restaurant had a fantastic ambiance!

The pricing is not overly blown out! They do have specials like this chicken and potato meal for $15 and fish and chips meal for $10. The servings are not huge... in fact very modest. I think you can get a lot more for an $18 fish and chips somewhere else. However, of course, you pay for the ambiance.

Tourists might be delighted to know that they offer 30 minutes free wifi.

Would I come back to this place? I wouldn't mind.

Note that the lady who served us today March 3, (lunch time) had a really great personality which is not very common in Queenstown especially when they deal with guests from Asia. It's just my observation and many people might be defensive, others may agree with me and others will totally deny it.

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