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Getting more authentic with Sushi

At $4.95 for a 750g sushi rice, this recipe isn't that cheap. The cooking sake I used is around $4 as well!

The entire recipe for the sushi:
1.  fresh New Zealand salmon, from $34/kg from Queenstown
2. Sushi rice
3. cooking sake (1 tbsp)
4. red ginger, pickled
5. thin carrots
6. roasted seaweed laver
7. mayonaisse
8. red capsicum

** add some wasabi and kikoman soy sauce

For the salad, I used a combination of vegetables:
1. Fresh cucumber
2. boiled carrots
3. boiled broccoli
4. some shallots (freshly cut into small pieces)
5. some sweet basil
6. mayonaisse
7. some small apple cubes (fresh) for a bit of sweetness

Some insights!
1. I definitely think sushi rice is much easier to work with than any other types of rice.
2. I added 1 tbsp of sake once the rice has been boiled and cooled a little bit
3. I could have added some more greens for my sushi to make it more colorful

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