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Review of The Clan Terrigal

We stayed at The Clan Terrigal for 1 night on our way to a Sydney conference. We thought, the beach location (direct access) was handy so I...

Another Trip at Vudu, Queenstown Cafe

On a cold wintry weather, Vudu is such a cosy place to be in central Queenstown.
The only issue is that there's really a lot of people going here. Table turnover seems like every 30 to 40 minutes...

Coffee and rolls are reasonably priced. Cafe treat for 2 would be around $20.

For your information, I wanted to order a chicken burito, it would have been great but it would be around 600 calories at least. I also would have loved a muffin but that would have been at least 450 calories. So I settled with a sausage roll and what looks like 400 calories with chutney and tomato sauce.

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