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Parnells Cafe, Wanganui, New Zealand

I had a great experience at Parnells Cafe today. Parnells is located along Wanganui's main street, Victoria Avenue, near several boutique Wanganui hotels like Aotea Motor Lodge.

I ordered a curry kumara pie at $5.50 and medium mochacino at $4.20. My partner had sultana cake at $4.00 and $4.80 mochacino.  So at around $19, we had a reasonable meal.

This cafe has wifi internet which I think is 'paid' unlike Orange cafe in the Wanganui town center which offers free internet.

The place is unique because behind the cafe is a funky garden with different art work.

The place has a cosy feel. It has several art works for sale within the premises. It offers really good food options and I guess that's part of what we have to pay for.

I think the place and food are all carefully thought of.

Would I go back? Yes sure.

To be fair with other nice cafes in town, Parnell's cafe is 15% to 20% more expensive on the average.

Orange cafe mochacino (small-medium) is $3.80 vs the $4.20 at Parnells cafe and the serving is about 5% bigger than Parnells.

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