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Bibimbap, my version

This is my first try to improvised a Korean-inspired meal.
It took me 45 minutes to make this... from chopping the vegetables the right way and frying them one set at a time so I create a proper plate design.

The ingredients:
1. boiled rice
2. Stir fried carrot sticks, onion, green and yellow capsicum, broccoli
3. Stir fried beef strips marinated in some soy sauce and pepper
4. fried egg
5. tomato sauce
6. some pepper
7. sesame seeds

I do not have spicy red sauce that make the dish Korean.  I added misu soup to make the meal a bit of Korean and get closer to my goal - bibimbap.

Is it nice? Well my partner said "It's not the same..." But he said it's nice :-)
I think it's because it's healthy!

How can I improve next time?
1. I will pre-cut the veggies so the rest of the ingredient wouldn't be too cold while waiting for the other ingredients to cook.
2. I will make sure I put enough oil on the pan when frying the egg.
3. I'll cook the meat longer to make it more tender.

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