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Hae Song Japanese Restaurant Makati Philippines

Tofu Salad around 300 php

Fried Veggies free

Spicy Chicken around 300 php

Bulgogi Beef around 300 php

Tempura Udon around 300 php

Seafood Udon 300 php

This is an old Japanese restaurant. The manager/owner seems Korean though and she is a nice lady.
Unfortunately, the seats have stains... and makes the place unpleasant for me.

They gave us free desert and free fresh salad for appetizer. This is not a cheap meal for middle class Filipinos but would be considered a cheap meal for foreigners.

The seafood udon is plently but I didn't like the taste. I was rooting for Ramen...

The tofu salad is a little overpriced because it's simple but I guess I had to pay premium for the sesame oil dressing and the style.

The bulgogi was nice but I think other restaurants serving bulgogi are comparable taste-wise.
I didn't taste the chicken, I heard it's good but for me it looks a little fatty.

I heard the tempura udon was nice but I am really not a fan of that udon noodles.

The toilet is clean but there's no 'hard drier'.

Would I come back? No not really... But it's not a bad experience.

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