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Gloria Jean's Wellington, NZ

Wellington has been named as New Zealand's "coolest" little city. I can understand why.
It looks like a miniature mix of Melbourne and Sydney with it's old Victorian style buildings converted into cafes and boutique shops.

The city is very small and I was able to walk around it within 2 hours... well at least the part that looks like a 'city'.

The city center has FREE wifi. When you try to login for some free internet connection, open your browser and you need to authenticate first by choosing a 'sponsor'. I figured out however that I can have many different sponsors so the 30 mins free wifi per sponsor could turn into 2 hours free use. Pretty convenient and I hope Wellington keeps that for the sake of tourists.

I visited Gloria Jean's cafe not because I love it. I chose Gloria Jeans strategically! It is a well-known franchise and likely the staff won't mind if I stay 2 hours in the cafe while working on important files.  Other boutique cafes which I would have preferred would be stricter.

The coffee at Gloria Jeans is $4.5 per cup - around the average price really.

Did I enjoy it? Well it is a practical choice as I said. :-)

However, next time when I am less busy, I'll try something more boutiquey :)

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