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Krazy Garlik Restaurant

My parents, partner and I went to Resort World last week to look for a new place we haven't tried. There are so many choices in Resort World - all a little bit boutiquey but there are some common coffee shops, restaurants like Coffee Bean and Red Crab.

We chose Krazy Garlic. I love garlic personally so I was very intrigued to order some food (from appetizer to desert) that has garlic as a feature ingredient.

We started with the Salad - their recommendation. We share a huge bowl. It was absolutely yum! I loved the touch of crisps and the mild garlic sauce. The greens seemed fresh. Cost was about Php500.

We then had a garlic pasta (seafood) with clams and shrimp. It was good as well. The serving was a bit small (Php300). I didn't like the way the pasta stuck to each other but it was cooked 'ok' not superb. The sauce was just right. Flavour was just right so I loved it as well.

Then we had a garlic pizza which was sumptuous as well (Php 500). The garlic flakes were the feature ingredient.

Glad to have my parents really pick out the garlic taste and they appreciated the theme.

For desert, we had banana, guava smoothie, dragon fruit/strawberry smoothie and the highlight was some
sort of creamy custard with sweetened garlic!

So it was a taste sensation for all of us. The total bill was just about $40-$45.

We'll be back of course.

Had been informed by the pleasant waitress that Krazy Garlik has an American chef and it's part of the "Fridays' Group of companies".

I was too focused on the food to actually take photos :)
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rachelle said...

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We are currently giving away a free Webpage in PH (particularly for Restaurants/food chains).
May I ask permission to use your photos? Your blog's URL will appear on the photo,with clickable- link back to your blog.

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Many thanks!

Rachelle (webpage team)

LeahVillanueva said...

Hi, please email me at 3analytics@gmail.com everytime you use a photo and send me the link of where the photo is published.


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