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The Farm at San Benito, Lipa City, Philippines

Located in Lipa City, The Farm at San Benito, is a SPA and medical wellness venue - supposedly for people with certain ailments.

I visited The Farm with family and I'd like to share my experiences.

All services and food have 22% tax on top of the quote prices online. So a day's tour - spa and massage included - is around Php 4800 + 22% tax. 10% VAT and 12% city tax.

The meals are incredibly small and includes common Filipino cuisine which can be made for 10% of the price.

The venue is very humid, lots of ants on the table and in our experience, the rice is not properly washed that tiny stones are included in the meal. Not an issue if you have strong teeth. But it's a reminder not to bite too hard.

The place is clean and nicely landscaped, a notch about landscapes seen in Tagaytay spas. Having a walk around the place is pleasant.

I'm not saying the prices of food and services are too much. In fact, it's quite average considering the western prices.

There are a good # of customers when we visited. They are all talking loud enough to be heard. Topics involve weight loss, money, business - common topics in Snobsville.

There were notable people who made me smile during my visit:
1. The little girl (perhaps daughter of one of the workers) who just came home from school. She was carrying her back pack when she said good afternoon to me. That was pretty authentic.
2. The western manager - I don't know her position. I can't identify her accent. She could very well be European / Italian descent. She was friendly. She greeted me and I briefly told her I am having a good day.
3. Some staff who genuinely smile.

Will you really lose weight with The Farm weight loss programmes?

I think that people can definitely loose weight using their programme and considering the portions of food served. A tiny scoop of rice! However, I will argue, if you stay home and barely eat for 7 days, I will guarantee you will lose weight. Just view the photos of the food portions on this article. That's the correct portion you should eat per meal and you'll lose weight - guaranteed. Since you want to stay nourished, it would be good to choose fruits and vegies over junk food. With this suggestion, you do not need to pay $180 or Php 7000++ per day.

The reception area provides free wifi. So you can probably have Php180 cup of coffee and use their wifi.

So what is The Farm good for?

The Farm is good for business meetings in Lipa City if you want to create a great impression to a potential business partner.

Will I go back to The Farm? Yes, when there is a need.

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