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Chowking Disaster

Last night, we visited SMBA (popularly known as Subic CBD), coming from Morong, Bataan. Morong is being 'sold' as a tourist destination. We had a look but didn't stay there. The place is quite full due to the holidays. Morong is a downmarket resort area - but that's another story.

The shocking experience I had last night was when we decided to eat at Chowking.

The last time I ate at Chowking was 2 years ago.

Our house help had a headache and requested for a hot soup while we were at the Nike Outlet Store. The Chowking branch at the gas station was an easy solution - buy some noodles.

Out of courtesy to our house help, she's been lovely help to us, I decided to order Chicken Noodle Soup (other flavors were beef and wanton). The chicken noodle was priced at Php 49. Yes you can buy a soup for a dollar in the Philippines.

I was happy to try the bargain.

Chowking was packed so we had to wait 15 minutes to taste the much anticipated chicken soup.

I immediately took a fork from the waiter and tasted the noodles...

I twisted the noodles using my fork... and had a taste. I lost all my apetite for the night.

I thought something was wrong...so I ate some of the chicken... still no difference.

Our house help noticed that I can't seem to take another sip of the soup. I was so embarrassed. I can't swallow it anymore.

I made an excuse that it seemed to quick to get cold so I gave it away to someone else for a 'try'.

Our househelp blurted, (in tagalog) "This noodles tastes exactly like what we buy from the palengke (wet market)". And yes it does.

Buy Php 12 noodle (maybe even cheaper) from the wet market in the Philippines and you can get the Chowking chicken noodles priced at Php 49. No wonder it's so cheap.

I didn't buy the bottle of coke in the photo btw, I bought that from the adjacent convenient store.

Do I recommend eating at Chowking - this is the question I always answer in every post in this blog.


There's so much more you can buy for Php 49.

I wouldn't eat that noodle again even if someone gives it to me for free.

I really feel sad about the quality of food in Chowking - just basing it from my chicken noodle experience.

I do hope Filipinos one day, would be able to eat quality food... not by being able to afford something more expensive but by being able to realize that they can cook something much more nutritious and tastier for a small amount of money.

Some people will say - well what do I expect for a $1 noodle? Just for the info of the readers of my blog, I can buy so much more for $1 in the Philippines. Just need to know how to cook it well.

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