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Best Halo Halo?

Hands down. This is the BEST halo halo I have ever had in my entire life (Razon's is now my ex favorite). I can not really eat lots of sweets. This tiny bit of cold desert is perfect! 
Php 65 / small halo (there are bigger versions)

Mixed ingredients:
1.fresh mint leaves - garnish on top
2.tiny leche flan
3. corn
4. nata
5. langka
6. ube
7. pinipig
8. milk and fine ice

I literally smiled after a very satisfying desert :)

So nice that I found this at Casa Rap, San Jose, Batangas.

I wasn't a fan of the Lomi that I ordered after but I absolutely would vouch for this halo halo.

So 3 days after I had this treat, I decided to take more people to Casa Rap - we ordered the halo-halo.

We patiently and happily waited. There are more people on a Saturday.
The waiter arrived and I was disappointed.
The halo-halo looked 30% smaller and melted. I didn't have my mint garnish and no more leche flan. Instead the topping was a little 1/2 teaspoon of oreo ice cream which I found weird.

I didn't appreciate being experimented on ... I talked to the lady that it changed. She didn't hear anything I guess so I had to repeat my comment. She walked away. I don't know if she ignored me or just couldn't understand.

We still ate it but felt really stuffed and dizzy after. We ordered the 'mini' version.
So I talked to the cashier ... I said it's not good that they are not consistent. We came there for the experience of the halo-halo... the cashier said - it depends on who makes it... So I guess we were just lucky last time.
The 2nd time we had this halo halo is a total waste of money.
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