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The White Hat Mall of Asia

The White Had - it's a small stall in Mall of Asia selling 'Italian' frozen yogurt with toppings.
Plain yogurt is Php 90 plus 2 types of toppings = Php125 or $2.5 to $3.
This is cheap based on western standards but really overpriced for Filipino standard.
This is a little treat which is slightly healthier than ice cream but remember yogurt is dairy as well plus it's quite sour for some people's taste so this treat needs some sweets like cheese cake pieces, blueberry jellies and even marshmallows and chocolate syrups - that completely defeats 'health' purposes.

Would I recommend this treat? No... I just wanted to try it.
Again it is overpriced for Filipino standards. It's also not a true healthy treat unless you get P90 for plain yogurt in a small cup. The size is similar to a regular small coffee cup.

Note that yogurts in Australia and NZ are much cheaper... than $3 a cup... so if you have other local treats, choose them instead, you'd get more value for your money, more nutrition and less sugar and potentially more taste :-)

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