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Exploring Tokyo's Izakayas

No doubt Tokyo is an amazing city. Every tourist says so. There's just this unending feeling of wonder, awe, amazement and glee. Each station within Tokyo's main wards is bursting with choices! The dishes are authentic, stylish, flavourful and delicious.

Here are just some photos.

Some notes about my izakaya trips.

1. It's great for socializing with close friends and family.
2. You can request for a non-smoking section but you better have a reservation. Tokyo's izakaya's are usually packed and when people are partying, there's always cigarettes. It was hard for us just to pick any place. We wanted non-smoking restaurants all the time.
3. There're great healthy choices within izakayas. Good fresh fish and lots of vegetable-based dishes. There's that handy 300Y edamame I just can't get enough of.
4. The chicken karage is a must-try... but of course I tried to contain restrain myself.
5. You can expect to pay around 300-600Y for each little dish you want to try.
6. House tea is mostly free.
7. Beer is not cheap at 1000Y or $9-10 each.
8. Expect to pay 2000-3000Y each person.

The only question then left for me is how do I gather all my horses and find a way to live in this amazing city. I barely scratch the surface each year when I visit and I have this itching feeling there is so much more to see!

If you too are taken by Japan's amazing wonders - technology, nature and culture, I highly recommend this book and this blog on Japan Living and Property Investing.

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