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Springvale Cafe, Wanganui

I only go to Springvale cafe once a year in the past. A week ago, I visited them for a quick cappuccino and creative work on some digital banners. The garden was full of flowers. It was pleasant. I knew at that time that I will be back.

I heard about the citation that this cafe is nominated as the best cafe in New Zealand.  It is a good contender.

I had to try their masterpiece. Their entry to the competition: creamy black doris quinoa porridge.

I loved it!! $11.90 all worth it
- too much for a small person like me who is afraid of sugary sweets
I researched about quinoa and found out that it has very high protein content. I ate about 3/4 of the meal but was full for six hours! I couldn't eat. Now I understand why they said this meal can be good for lunch as well. 
- presentation - absolutely creative!

Coffee at Springvale is GOOD. I like their cappuccino.

Springvale cafe is such a lovely neighborhood cafe. Every 30 minutes or so, people were coming in! Groups and families are visibly enjoying their time.

This is an inspirational story to me. I couldn't imagine a neighborhood cafe can be a great contender for a national award.  This cafe is not located within the city center but in a nice suburb in Wanganui.

The real winner here is customer service. I met a lovely lady who just made me feel like a valued customer.  An extra smile goes a long way; eye contact shows sincerity; and perhaps the porridge became sweeter  because of her. I will be back soon... hopefully next time with my parents when they visit me here in Wanganui.

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