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Jollibee in Lipa City

There are five Jollibee branches in Lipa City: city center, hospital area,  inside SM, inside Robinson's mall, and the latest is next to star tollway.

This is the Filipino counterpart  for McDonalds. It is actually not that  bad.

I particularly like the 1 piece burger steak with rice. It is about 350 calories.  This is the only  meal I would think of buying.  Just like any fast food chain,  Jollibee  is not a healthy choice.  Gravy, fried chicken and chips,  sugary sundae ice cream,  white bread are killers if eaten daily. It is a cheap  alternative and a harmless meal twice a month.

There are no vegetable dishes at Jollibee.  It's  targeted towards kids and their parents.  The restaurant is a place where kids can be noisy and have fun with family.

They are also famous for jolly kiddie parties.

So if you are visiting the Philippines why not try them. Spend about $10 and you can feed a family of four!

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