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Revisiting Orange Cafe, Wanganui

And I am back in Wanganui! It's time for another article about Orange Cafe in Wanganui. I wrote a review last year, inspired by the cafe concept. 

Orange cafe improved, overall. I enjoyed going to Orange cafe, almost every other day on my first 2 weeks in Wanganui.

This is your view from a window while having your coffee inside Orange Cafe, Wanganui

This year, I am watching my weight a bit more. So I stopped ordering the mochaccino. I now order the cappuccino or the latte. The price is still the most competitive in town. The food choices - affordable and good serving size. The cappuccino is the best I have ever had... in all the places I have been to. Yes it is still the best-priced, best coffee in town.


passion fruit cheesecake

New improvements this year:
1)They added lights in the bar area. I thought that was interesting idea. It certainly looks good and inviting at night.
2)They may have changed the layout a bit because something seems more inviting inside the bar area now.
3)The toilet is ok. I think cleaner. Windows slightly up bringing fresh air in!
4)The staff - several occasions, they are quite friendly. They even converse with customers more now.

I would highly recommend their seafood pasta, less than $20 (lunch menu), big serving. You may not want to rely on me in terms of serving size evaluation because I am barely 5 ft tall. So I easily get full. The seafood pasta is very tasteful. I also love their eggs benedict with salmon and the price is also very reasonable. I haven't tried this year's pasta but the eggs benedict remains great.

They offer free wifi but there is now free wifi in key places in Wanganui via Telecom free wifi and Inspire wifi. Although I still think that offering free wifi is always a plus. Why? Because guests (specially tourists) can always check-in at Orange cafe on Facebook (for extra marketing on social media) and snap instagram photos of the place.

Orange cafe wins because of its location and *orange* concept. The orange umbrellas are very attractive.

So this leaves me to think about what they can do better...

1. More salads - pasta salad or vegetable salad options for weight watchers
I'd love to see this as I always feel guilty after having a piece of cake or a muffin.
2. Loyalty cards - just to encourage more people to visit the cafe more than once - 15 coffees = 1 free coffee
3. Their coffee is unique. I don't know what's in it. I ask for cappuccino in other cafes and it just doesn't taste the same.  This needs to be sold to tourists. So I guess they need to come up with a matching best-tasting pastry or cake that they will be known for.  People might want a combo meal :)


Just a note, maybe not just for Orange but also for other cafes and restaurants in Wanganui, perhaps they can sponsor young singing groups every friday nights. Jazz music or young musician shows. There's lack of events in Wanganui and many people have an early night. I'd love to see Wanganui brighten up a bit more at night.

Wanganui (my last count) has about 35 + cafes. It's becoming a great cafe city!

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