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Warm Lovely Soup and Salmon

They said the best dishes are made with love.

So today to keep warm, I thought of cooking a simple vegetable soup with pan-fried salmon for Andrew.
This is a very simple meal on an ordinary night... but I made it for an extraordinary person. 

1. pan fried salmon, seasoned with salt and pepper
2. tomato sauce
3. lemon

Andrew loves to eat carrots so I used 2 big carrots and used less pasta.
For the soup:
1. half capsicum green, half capsicum yellow
2. 2 large carrots
3. a bit of broccoli
4. 1 whole big onion
5. a few cloves of garlic
6. some elbow pasta (half cup
7. egg
8. chowmien mix - or curry powder + pepper
9. 3 tbsp soy sauce

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