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Fisherman's Table, Wellington

This is the only restaurant I visit in Wellington *regularly*. Why??? For so many wonderful reasons:
1. It has a $15.95 all you can eat meal.
2. For $15.95 you can get a fish meal with chips and unlimited salad in their oh-so healthy salad bar.
3. They have a wonderful view of the sea
4. They have great location
5. I love their fish meals

You can get salmon, white fish or hot pot seafood soup. You can have the fish cooked with batter or pan- fried. These are always my choices. Yes you can get beef as well.

Salad options? Potato salad, macaroni and cheese, pickled onions, olives, beans mix, couscous, beetroot, pasta salads, pumpkin seeds, various dressings, potato wedges, carrot cuts sauteed, apple salad, egg salad, basmati rice

What more can a seafood lover and healthy eater ask for? :D

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