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Nandos Christchurch City, New Zealand - bad experience

Nandos Christchurch City, New Zealand - bad experience

Nandos actually looked like a nice place to eat for a change from cafes and restaurants. Even if it was a franchise, it looked decent and neat.

However, the image of a franchise doesn't signal good value in NZ. NZ franchises like Mcdonalds and KFC, and in this case, Nandos means you need to pay up to $15 for a decent sized meal - a quarter chicken and a bowl of fries - which is not very healthy.

I should say though that Nandos Chicken has quite an original taste - flame grilled and has a special original sauce as marinate. So the chicken I had was quite juicy. The servings are not the same size - mind you.

Since it's a franchise, if you make a complaint, the manager wouldn't bother, at least that's my experience n Nandos. I complained that the photo showed $8.90 for chicken and fries but actually $8.90 is just for the chicken and the fries is an extra $5.

So would I recommend this place - quick answer is No.

There are better places to eat for a $14 meal. There are healthier choices and better customer service.
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