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Cathedral Cafe, Christchuch City, New Zealand

Well the name is quite obvious. This cafe is located right next to the famous Christchurch Cathedral at the heart of the city. It's well-located. You can enjoy the 'culture' - trams, crafts, heritage buildings, street performances in nearby locations.

Price of a cup of cappuccino is $3.80 - fair price - fair taste. Keeps you awake.

Staff is not very friendly but not rude too. It's hard to strike a conversation with them as the cafe is very busy.

The cafe is next to a gift shop/bookstore as well.

The food is decent, healthier choices available in the menu.

Do I recommend this cafe strongly? Not really but it's not a bad choice. It is nicely located. However, there are so much more cafes with better atmospheres than the Cathedral Cafe - that is if you are looking for a true cafe experience.

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