Saturday, November 9, 2013

Wanganui's pride - Big Orange

Today is quite a regular day except that it is a start of summer in New Zealand.
I had to have a quick treat so I head to Big Orange café.

This time I will indulge and pack extra calories with a moccachino. I have been having long blacks lately so I felt I deserved some sugar. I try to stay within 1500 cals a day.

For small $3.80 I was happy.
:) that's an extra four hours boost of mental awareness as I was finishing up a deadline for design works.

All the calories, around 125  I think were worth it.

Definitely the only coffee preparation I will highly recommend to anyone visiting Wanganui.

This coffee reminds me of the documentary - Jiro dreams of sushi. It is about spending a life time coming up with the perfect recipe. I used to think I could run and own a cafe one day. But now I decided, I will leave it to the experts. Little things make the perfect cup. Consistency of taste and preparation - I get the same coffee taste I expect every time I visit... with Orange, I've been visiting for almost five years now.

Visit Big Orange cafe - orange building, next to old fountain. The menu is affordable and delectable.

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