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Red Eye Cafe Wanganui

Wow free wifi! Awesome service and very friendly owner! It is open on Saturdays in the quiet Guyton street in Wanganui.

This is a simple cafe with a great cup of all black at $3.5

Small cakes are available!  Perfect!  I can have a bite size sweet treat and not worry about packing more calories!  I just love the idea of offering smaller sweets for sweet tooths like me who has a family history of diabetes. No I don't want to fall into the same track as my grandfather but I still want to eat a bit of sweets. Thanks Red Eye for offering this option at a fantastic price of $1!

The coffee is good too!

The exterior of the cafe matters to me if I have to try a new place. This is only the reason why we haven't tried Red Eye!  I think a big pot full of flowers,  more colorful sign outside would help.

I also think new funky paint or something more appealing like purple, yellow or something with red outside would attract people.

We've passed by this cafe many times by car but we get lost in the signage so that needs revisions one day too.

But once inside you will appreciate this cafe. Simple. Affordable. 

I wonder if they are on Facebook?  I wonder if they serve lunch? I heard they make eggs benedict, my other favorite! Still have to try it.

What's great is the potential for this cafe to be professional-friendly and tourist friendly.  It already offers free wifi. Many people would appreciate this.

Wanganui really has a great cafe culture!

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