Monday, June 27, 2011

Bigg's Diner - It does the job....

This diner is a locally-owned franchise. The photos are taken from the SM Batangas branch. I must say the food is extremely cheap! For a few minutes I was actually worried if I am eating safe food. But I didn't get diarrhea after. In fact, the waiters are quite service oriented - but I don't service is really part of their culture because there are notably some staff who are not helpful.

The entire model is quite weird. I have to sit down first, pick from a menu, then stand up again to go to the counter and tell the cashier my order.

The spaghettis is remarkably cheap at $1.1 or 50 pesos... You can consume it in 3 to 4 minutes. You'd be satisfied for 2 hrs for that meal. Then you'd be hungry again. The spaghetti has a Jollibee feel and taste to it. It's the Filipino spaghetti - sweet with some meet and ketchup and some cheese.

Anyway, I got what I paid for, 50 peso spaghetti. My partner ate the fish meal which I think isn't bad but isn't too good either. It's just a meal to fill you up.

Do I recommend it? Well what's your purpose? It really depends... if you just want a meal and get over some hunger, then go for it. Choose the fish meal - better and healthier.

Would I go there again? Well not if I had a better choice...

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