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Westfield Food Court Sydney Australia

It's not cheap to eat in Sydney - in any restaurant. You might expect $35/person, drinks included... 
So if you are a tourist and already paid a fortune for accommodation and airfare, it makes sense to look for best value food or pack some lunch. 

I take pride in finding value deals so you may like some of my advise below:

1. Dunkin donuts coffee is just $1 but it will not wake you up... better find a cafe which sells long black for $3, it's good value, any cafe selling long black for more than $3 will definitely have more expensive items on its menu.
2. Restaurants are expensive. Cafes would be a good choice. The price point for a regular egg benedict meal shall be considered. A good value cafe would only charge $16 for eggs benedict, 2 eggs and some mushroom at least. Usually good value cafes can be found in suburbs. But do not be mislead, some suburbs have ultra posh prices because of their location. This is particularly true for lower north shore and eastern suburbs in Sydney.

In terms of city cafes, well it's just best to visit the Myers food court. See my photos below. This cafe offers a clean and modern ambience and a good range of food choices:

This Westfield Food Court Sydney Australia offers free wifi so you may work or post your selfie immediately online. This food court also has restaurants within the same floor.

If you order from Food court stalls, expect to pay $15 per person for a good meal.

I ordered this meal for less than $15 only. I am a small person and this is good enough for me. I ordered the same for my 6ft 1" darling and he liked it and it satisfied him. At the end of the day, we ate healthy and filling food. That's good enough. Anything too sweet is an indulgence for us now.

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