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Orange Cafe Wanganui

It's been a while and this is the only time we're back in Orange Cafe, Wanganui, NZ.
The place is always packed - with it's beautiful orange umbrellas stealing the scene.
This place is located in the center of Wanganui City. 

What's going for Orange? It's one of the most successful cafes in town:
1. Great value - prices are affordable... eggs benedict at $16! Moccachino at $4 
2. Great location! Quaint brick building, center city.
3. Love the umbrellas beckoning you for a great cup of coffee
4. Best coffee in town - seriously!  You can feel the kick and the coffee taste is very distinct
5. From last year, I think staff are much friendlier (female ones)
6. Nice music
7. FREE wifi - but I guess you can't stay more than 1 hour using it even just to check email... not sure but it seems that only Mcdonald's doesn't care if people actually use their *free* wifi.

What can be improved?
1. Well the outdoor umbrella place is great but I think the inner section needs a bit of oomph! It's still the same bar scene from last year... not to cosy inside. As I write this, the windows inside the cafe aren't open, would be great to have some fresh air.
2. Toilet section can be cleaner
3. Interior decoration can be more inviting - not cold as it is (the place isn't cold, just the 'feel')

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