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Baked Vegetables for a Healthy Dinner

My dear friend requested for my recipe for this meal.
So here it goes:
1. My favorite vegetables - broccoli, tiny potatoes, capsicum, oninon, garlic, carrots
*As you can see I added some bigger potatoes, as I ran out of my baby potatoes
You can also add other vegetables if you like - baby corn, big red tomatoes, aubergine

2. Slice them up in bit sized pieces, not too small so you can have a good crunchy bite

3. Place vegetables on a baking tray and sprinkle with olive oil, a bit of salt and pepper
* We love spicy food so I added a lot of pepper

4. I also added spices and because there is a lack of fresh herbs in Philippines, I had to be happy with the dried spice versions - rosemary leaves, basil, italian seasoning

5. Bake in oven for 30 to 35 minutes, medium heat

6. After 30 mins, check veggie by poking the potatoes and the carrots with a knife or fork to see if they are already cooked.

7. I added some more olive oil on top of the vegetables after 30 minutes

Serve and enjoy :-) Bon Appetit!

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