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Cafe Plums, Geraldine, New Zealand

Eggs Benedict in Geraldine, New Zealand

Cafe Plums, a simple cafe located along the main highway of Geraldine town center - this cafe is about 5 minutes walk from the Geraldine city library. I must say that its location made us visit the place. We were hoping to go to a more quaint cafe behind the church in Geraldine town center but we missed the sign, missed the entrance too. Yes we would have loved to have gone there instead if only due to the ambience and the pricing.

Cafe Plums didn't disappoint as our Salmon eggs benedict was a delight! My small frame did not stop me from eating the entire thing - YES - all that 800 calories of glee. A few things make me not RAVE about this cafe though:
1. The pricing is slightly more expensive than other regular cafes in South Island. I think about 10% more expensive for eggs benedict, a little over $17 if I remember properly.
2. I didn't get to meet the owner. I always love a little chat with the chef or the owner of the cafe. A small country town like Geraldine makes me expect some personal service or a simple "Hi", "Welcome to our little cafe..." greeting. I didn't get that. :-) It's something to smile about I must say. I always get this type of greeting in Sydney cafes. But not in NZ, not anywhere in NZ.
3. The place doesn't have character. I must say my partner loves its simplicity.
4. No wifi.

Will I come back? Likely not ... I would remember a small town cafe if the owners were a little nice or the servers were a little nice. Reminds me of that cafe called "Walnut Cottage" in Queenstown, Lake Hayes area. The owners seem cold too when we visited. Sometimes, a smile or a greeting makes feel better about paying even an extra 10% higher :-)

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