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Les Alpes Queenstown

Les Alpes Queenstown

This is a nice little French cafe in Chruch Street, Queenstown.

Quite reasonably priced - $4.5 for a mochaccino and $10 for a ham and cheese croissant with salad side dish. The quality of the coffee is good and I think I will be back just for it. The $10 croissant - ham and cheese, is almost like a meal in itself for a small eater like me. Their french cakes and pastries don't like too expensive either but a bit too sugary for me.

The place has a good central location. The staff are not in too much of a hurry to kick you out. We spent just over an hour in this cafe. It's quite cosy... though I can imagine that they'd turn on the fire when there's more people.

They have some nice mellow music... I would have loved some more French background music (instrumental) though... I thought for a few minutes I heard some Indian music which I thought was a bit odd especially if everywhere around the cafe seemed French enough -ie from the plaids as table cloth, the style of furniture.

HQwifi doesn't work in this cafe... then again HQwifi works only 10% of the time when I am in Queenstown... apart from the high cost of this wifi service, once you get logged in, if ever you can get logged in, please expect the most unreliable and slowest connection. So do yourselves a favour and don't waste your money trying to login and just enjoy the coffee :-)

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