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Japanese Street Food

Everywhere in Japan there is something to entice your taste buds. Walking around Osaka train stations is enough source of endless food creations! 

These little dumplings above are very tasty! I think 1 or 2 pieces is good enough for a lunch treat!

This is a sweet tooth's best friend! This rice balls are dipped in caramel (slightly hot). Perfect for walking under Sakura trees in the chilly Spring Breeze.

These little munchkins are just that! Munchkins! But they are not that sweet! They are soft and quite creamy inside but a little crunchy outside. A bunch of these is about $300 I think. Not bad for a little snack but be sure to share with friends! Not good to eat a lot of these!

My first love in Japanese food is their sumptuous rice cakes! Yes! I love them and I have probably tried as much as I can. They are so tiny and scrumptuous. One bite is enough for an sweet sense explosion. I know, I know. I shouldn't eat too much of it! I will post photos of my little rice cake favorites soon. Watch out!

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