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Sarsiado Reinvented

Recently, I've been watching a youtube channel called "Panlasing Pinoy". It's very informative. It covers all the Filipino dishes that I truly want to eat once I visit the Philippines again. The photos on this blog article features my own version of Sarsiado, one of the most famous Filipino Dishes. It's a simple meal - Fish, vegetables, egg, fish sauce... 

The original sarsiado recipe involves just garlic, tomato, egg, onions and fish and fish sauce (plus salt and pepper).

I have altered this recipe by adding broccoli, capsicum, carrots. The fish I used here is called Lemon Fish, boneless fish fillet which I bought from New World, Queenstown today.

Also want to share that I have cooked the fish first... then sauteed the vegetables after. Once the vegetables seem softer and more cooked, I added the fish and a bit of water (half cup). After simmering for 5 minutes, I have added 1 egg, cracked it on top of the simmering dish. I have waited 5 more minutes to cook the egg.

I have served this dish with basmati rice mixed with green peas.

The fish cost $7.64 while the vegetables and rice probably was an extra $5. So for 2 people, $12 meal is well worth it :-)

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