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Banana Pizza Anyone?

Photo of the Pizza when it's on sale 2 for 1 - Every Wednesday (til further notice) about $21 each

Hamill's Restaurant and Bar in Queenstown
Located at Remarkables Shopping Center

This is absolutely one of the BEST pizzas I have had in my life!
This one has banana, chicken and blue cheese topping apart from the regular cheese and tomato.

I usually can't eat 1 whole pizza but I finished one whole pizza in one sitting!

What is great about this deal is that it was offered as a promotion - buy 1 get 1 free!
Gourmet pizza frenzy!
The other pizza I got was the seafood pizza with fresh shrimps and scallops.

Best dining experience - absolutely affordable and I CANNOT wait to go back.
The question is - if it goes back to it's $22 price ... would I order a lot again??? Potentially! But not as often :-)

*** Update Dec 30th, 2011
Here are photos of the pizza when it's not on sale at $21.95 each.
Lots more toppings, thicker crust ...
Banana Chicken Pizza with cashew, broccoli, mushrooms

Seafood pizza $21.95 each
I didn't finish 1 round for myself... Andrew ate 2 slices of my seafood pizza! :D I still feel full after 4 hours. I think it's the thicker crust this time...

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