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We stayed at The Clan Terrigal for 1 night on our way to a Sydney conference. We thought, the beach location (direct access) was handy so I...

Jollibee Philippines' Version of McDonalds

Jollibee - Impossible to miss this place when you are travelling around the Philippines. This is the ultimate competitor of McDonalds. Jollibee is EVERYWHERE. It's almost expected to see a Jollibee store next to a mid-sized gas station.

Jollibee in fact is now expanding overseas.

So why do people love eating at Jollibee?
1. The mascot that kids love
2. The constant commercials and celebrity endorsements
3. The cheap yet tasty food - Filipinos love sweet and fatty foods and Jollibee has lots of that. All there menu items are either sweet or fatty.
4. Fast food, convenient

Btw, they only take cash. Goes without saying that I won't recommend Jollibee for health conscious people ...

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