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Zuni Greenbelt Makati, Philippines

Aragula Salad

Barramundi Fish


Zuni looks like an upmarket restaurant in Greenbelt Makati.

We ordered barramundi fish, Php 700+ service charge and aragula salad + service charge. It's a good meal, a bit small but filling and very flavorful.

The restaurant is decently decorated. It's trendy but it's not really lavish. It's good for a nice dinner date for a couple or a quiet and small family reunion.

I'd recommend it of course, try it once and visit it again after a few months if you like.

Because of the pricing, I wouldn't recommend it readily.

However, definitely, if you earn in USD, this is quite a nice cheap meal already - western standards. :-)

Click here for their Ala Cart Menu :)

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