Friday, March 11, 2011

Mc Cafe Queenstown NZ


 Mc Cafe - McDonald's posh version to compete with the very lucrative niche cafe businesses in the west. I had to try it.

Mc Cafe offers free wifi - 30 mins sometimes, sometimes up to 1 hour in Queenstown New Zealand. In other places in NZ, the free wifi is up to 2 hours - like in Mc Cafe Hornby.

Currently, there's a $5 coffe and cake promo in all NZ Mc Cafes. It's a good promo. There's less risk for me.

So one morning, I walked to McDonalds through the Frankton track. Fantastic view of the Wakatipu lake.

I ordered a carrot cake with coffee for $5.

LOVELY. I was surprised.
Great Value. I was surprised!

Obviously since I tried going to Mc Cafe for a quick coffee break, I have been there more than 5 times :-)

Mc Donald's good for you.

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