Thursday, January 24, 2008

7 Corners, Crowne Plaza, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

I decided to have a treat today, have some good meal. I am seriously taking at least 30 mins to 1 hr deciding what to eat lately because I really am tired of eating fatty, non-nutritious food. So, I decided to visit 7 Corners.

I signed up for a Priority Privilege card with Crowne Plaza / Holiday Inn hotels March 2007 to get substantial discounts to hotel rooms and of course, 7 Corners. 7 Corners is an all-you-can-eat first class restaurant. I've visited this restaurant at least 6 times last year and I think I'd visit it more often in the future. I usually have business meetings here. Sometimes, when workmates do well, I'd offer free lunch and/or dinner at 7 Corners.

7 Corners, I presume, takes the concept of letting customers experience 7 world-known cuisines:
1. American - They serve angus beef, imported from USA. They serve generously of course. This is a highlight for me because beef is the only type of meat I can eat regularly aside from lamb. Of course, 7 Corners also have some fried rice with vegetables, grilled chicken and tuna. I think these are the dishes found on the American menu.
2. Filipino - Well the usual Filipino food...
3. Chinese - 7 Corners serves all sorts of dimsum, shrimp balls, shanghai fried rice, chicken dishes... usual chinese...
4. Japanese - I love this section. They serve maki, sushi, Japanese egg tarts, seaweed dishes, shrimps, crab, fish...
5. English - all kinds of tarts, pies, ice cream deserts, cakes like blueberry cheesecake, sans rival, etc.
6. Italian - they have pasta, bread, at least 6 types of cheese, pizza
7. Indian - they have curry, roti, spicy indian dishes

To visit 7 Corners, you have to go to Crowne Plaza, 2nd floor from the lobby.
Crowne Plaza Website

Let me comment on this buffet restaurant point by point:
1. Customer service - the chefs per section are great however some waiters are a bit snobbish and do not anticipate your needs considering it's a hotel.
2. Price - Each person would have to pay Php 1175 per visit. If you get a priority card, you get 50% discount when you eat alone or with one person. Hence, for me, the pricing is only reasonable because I get substantial discount. Makes sense for me -- a $10 usd meal. However, if I do not have this card, I probably won't go as often as I do.
3. Food quality - Excellent. Though one time, I didn't like the Indian selection but when I ate at 7 Corners today, I was happy again so I will visit in a few days once more.
4. Ambiance - Well, it's peaceful and a bit quiet considering you'd see a traffic-laden highway outside the windows.

I give this restaurant 4.5 so far the highest grade I ever gave.


Lani said...

Is drink included in the price you mentioned? Is that for lunch or dinner? Thanks

Company said...

Lani, the drinks would not be included in the price. However, you can have water since they give you free choice of ice cream anyway. The price I mentioned is for regular days, lunch time. I believe it is more expensive during Friday nights.

espe said...

Hi! I ate there already once, and want to go back often. How do you avail of the priority card.

Company said...

hello espe, you can call crowne plaza for priority privilege card :)

Arnie Pili said...

I will give this restaurant 10 out of 10. Because of the variety of food are excellent and the ambiance is really good too. It's just too much to choose from and I think if I will visit a restaurant in the Philippines again, I will definitely go back to "7 Corners, Crowne Plaza! But I will need to do some fasting before I go there just to make sure that my stomach is totally empty.
Well done!!

ara said...

how much is your buffet rates during weekends?? do i have to pay just to avail the priority card?and im planning to check in this weekend is the breakfast for two included??tnx

Company said...

i haven't been in Phils for a while now. the best way is to ask 7 corners by calling crown plaza ortigas :) Good luck! I expect about $50 per person for a buffet now.


Company said...
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