Thursday, June 30, 2011

Coffee Shops, Cafes in Lipa City Batangas

Mobile business people like myself crave for cafes anywhere we go. Visiting Lipa City, you can see an interesting trend - development of different cafes. If you don't know yet, popular coffee shop chain, Starbucks, already has a branch here. Like other Starbucks around the world, it has a standard interior decor -- flourishing with its memorabilia, sugary unhealthy sweets and glaring mermaid logo. Unlike most Starbucks shops in the Asia Pacific region, Starbucks Lipa has free internet - unlimited. I just discovered that today and I am glad I have a decent place to visit in Lipa. The other cafes like Cafe de Lipa has now lost one of their competitive advantages - free wifi is now in Starbucks Lipa... Bear in mind though that I also appreciate that unique and authentic coffee of Cafe de Lipa but for practicality's sake, I think I would be able to stay longer in Starbucks because its toilet doesn't smell as much as Cafe de Lipa's :-( 

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